Free Translation Technology

The world of free and open source software FLOSS has made considerable progress in recent years. We compiled a collection of software for translation, and propose a two steps approach, either in the form of a collection of software applications or an entire operating system complete with specific applications for translators.

Phase 1: FLOSS Compilation - USB-Trans

On a pc with a preinstalled Windows operating system you can find a lot of free applications to use for your translation work (FOSS = free and open source software). We propose a collection of the following applications (please download USBTrans):

  • Translation Memory: OmegaT
  • Translation Editor (TMX, XLIFF): Virtaal, XBench
  • TM Alignment: BiText2TMX, AlignAssist, LF-Aligner
  • Translation File Management: Okapi Tools
  • Concordancer: TextStat, AntConc
  • Terminology management: Foreign-Desk TermBase
  • Mindmaps: Heimer
  • Video Subtiling: Gaupol
  • Bibliography tool: JabRef
  • Bibliometry: Publish or Perish
  • Password management: KeePass
  • PDF: Sumatra PDF-Reader
  • Website-Download: WinHTTrack
  • File management: DoubleCommander (copy, move, delete, zip)
picture of USBTRans Menu

Please download the USBTrans compressed file, extract and copy it to a USB stick of at least 2 GB and you can use the applications without installation of any kind.

Phase 2: FLOSS Platform - tuxtrans

tuxtrans desktop

If you want to work completely without commercial software of any kind, you should make use exclusively of Open Source Software (see FSF, GPL V3, OSI).

For an operating system we can recommend Linux and all its varieties (see Distrowatch). Our proposal is tuxtrans, a linux distribution with a lot of software applications relevant for translation. Get  a complete preconfigured pc system and start working, i.e. translating!